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TND Podcast: Ep. 17 – The Future of Moviegoing

On this week’s TND Podcast I am joined by Jason Gong, host of the Page to Frame Podcast, to talk all things summer movies 2018! We go into: which films we’ve enjoyed most this summer, which films we’re most looking forward to still, and finally we talk about the recent struggles of MoviePass & what we think theatergoing will look like 10 years from now. Check it out!
You can catch all of Jason’s latest content at: or follow him on Twitter @page2frame.

Watch Every Big Trailer that Dropped at San Diego Comic Con 2018

San Diego Comic Con is the mecca of the nerd world, and for one weekend every July we’re treated to this giant info dump on what we can expect for the next year or so. Even without a major presence from the MCU & Star Wars, there were still plenty of great trailers for nerds to chew on. Continue reading

TND Podcast: Ep. 16 – Harry Potter Revisited: Prisoner of Azkaban

On this week’s TND Podcast I am joined by Ali Iannucci to continue our Harry Potter Revisited series! This being episode 3, we are delving deep into Prisoner of Azkaban. We go into: What separates this film from others in the series, problems with time travel, random Hogwarts classes, and the Adventures of Padfoot & Crookshanks! Check it out!

Bad Dads of Marvel – Ranked

One of the best scenes of Avengers: Infinity War is when Thor, Gamora, and Star Lord all compare their complicated family histories.  The idea of defeating one’s father figure in order to come of age is pervasive, popularized largely by the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex, and the complex named for it.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made full use of this trope, starting with its first film, Iron Man.  Tony Stark’s pathos is defined by his relationship with his father and his conflicting eagerness to both make him proud and defy him.  

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Summer Games Done Quick 2018 – My Top 10 Most Anticipated Speed Runs

The biggest speed running event of the summer is happening this week, with a week-long non–stop marathon, in which all proceeds are being donated Doctors Without Borders. Last year’s SGDQ 2018 raised over $1.7 million, with this year’s event focusing its sight on $2 million. Here are the speed runs I am most looking forward to this week.

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